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Mivita Minerals Liquid - 1 gal

Mivita Minerals Liquid - 1 gal

Our Price: $73.50

Product Code: MML-GAL

Mivita Minerals™ liquid. 1 gallon bottle

Mivita Minerals™ liquid in an economical 1 gallon plastic bottle.

Mivita Minerals™ is derived from an extraction process which makes the minerals even smaller than colloidal for even easier assimilation and absorption by the body to aid in healing and overall health. Mivita Minerals™ is all organic, naturally chelated, plant derived trace minerals.

Mivita Minerals™ does not require refrigeration. Mivita Minerals™ liquid is intended for both internal and external use. Mivita Minerals™ Cream is a convenient way to apply the minerals to the skin. It is also a great facial cream.

Mivita Minerals™ are excellent for burns, cuts, scrapes, etc.