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A to Z Minerals Information & Usage

The Lynne Johnston Family has used and distributed the A to Z and Mivita Minerals for over 40 years. Lynne Johnston Ph.D., recommended these minerals to his patients and has observed positive results with the use of these products. Following is information about the minerals and a list of some of the things we have used these mineral for.

A to Z minerals is mined from an ancient organic seabed, all soluble materials have been washed away during eons of time, and the entire mineral complex remains in a colloidal state which is naturally chelated to assist assimilation by living plant and animal organisms.

For over 40 years, care has been taken in the processing of A to Z minerals that its natural benefits and enzymatic action be kept intact. It is 100% pure and unheated.

A to Z minerals is one of the non-swelling montmorillonite group of silicates containing the widest known variety of elements in the mineral kingdom. These include all known scientifically established essential and functional elements, plus rare earth elements.

Ingredients are all natural montmorillonite; non-swelling, non-polluting, non-toxic trace minerals. Minerals are present as oxide elements.

The A to Z minerals have been used for humans, animals and plants. It has been used internally, externally and in the soil for plants and gardens. A to Z minerals provide essential trace minerals and is high in silicon which is good for the pancreas, nerves, bones, joints, skin, hair, nails, and muscles. This product has been used for sore muscles, cramping muscles and to strengthen and tone muscles. Also for the nerves including nervous legs, joint issues, to improve and strengthen the nails, hair, skin and to help decrease the craving of sweets.

Suggested Usage: One to Two teaspoons daily ¼ to ½ teaspoon daily for children up to 8 years of age or as otherwise recommended by your health care provider. It can be mixed in water, juice or a fruit smoothie. Each teaspoon contains 2600 mg of 66 trace minerals including all those known for good nutrition as well as those included in the structural composition of the human body and is an all natural product.

Other uses:

  • Face and Body: Powder it directly on your skin with a powder puff.
  • Cramps and spasms: Take internally in water , juice or a fruit smoothie.
  • Gardens: ¼ to 2 pounds per 10 square feet of soil.
  • House plants: 1 Tbs. quarterly, or 1 cup in watering can monthly.
  • Pets and animals: 2% of the total feed mix.